During World War I, the British Government had sought the help of the Indian Muslims and had assured that the interest of Turkey will be safeguarded after the victory of the allied powers. However, when after the war, Turkey was to be dealt severely, the Indian Muslims organized Khilafat Conference in 1919 and sent delegation to Chelmsford, the Viceroy of India. Under the leadership of Ali brothers (Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali) and several other leaders like Hakim Ajmal Khan, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Has rat Mohan and others formed Khilafat Committee in 1920 and appealed the Hindus to join hands with them to make the non-cooperation movement against the British successfully. Of course, the idea of non-cooperation movement was suggested to the committee by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi envisaged that it was the opportunity which would bring the Muslims and Hindus closer to each other. In 1920 an all-party-conference was held at Allahabad and it supported the Khilafat movement. The Khilafat Committee launched a non-cooperation movement on 31 August 1920 and that day was observed as the Khilafat Day. Mahatma Gandhi returned his title Kaiser-i-Hind awarded to him by the British Government due to his help during the First World War and became the first Hindu to join the Khilafat Movement. In the recent future, a close collaboration was noticed between the Hindus and the Muslims and definitely, it was due to the initiative of Gandhi.