7 important first aid measures that you can take during emergency


It is very important to know what to do in case of an accident or emergency. The immediate help given to an injured or ill person before the doctor arrives is called first aid. It is important to have a first-aid box at home for any emergency. It should contain cotton, disinfectant, antiseptic ointment, gauze, sticking plaster, bandages and an ointment.

Here are some first-aid measures:

1. For minor cuts, clean the area with some disinfectant and apply some antiseptic ointment. Cover it with a gauze piece and stick it with the plaster.


2. For deep wounds or cuts, first try and stop the bleeding by pressing the wound with a gauze piece or bandage. Keep the area of the wound raised if possible. Tie a bandage firmly and seek medical help.

3. In case of a burn injury, immediately pour cold water over the affected area. Apply an ointment. Cover the victim and rush him to a hospital.

4. In case someone is stung by an insect like a bee, we must first remove the sting and then treat the affected part.

5. In case of a dog bite, the wound should be cleaned and medical help should be sought for further treatment.


6. Snake-bites can be fatal if the snake is poisonous hence they need immediate attention. Tie a band of cloth or shoe lace tightly above the nearest joint to the bite. This stops the poison from spreading. Take the victim to the hospital as soon as possible.

7. If someone fractures his arm or leg, you can immobilise the area by tying a splint made from sticks or cardboard or a sling to support the limb, until medical help is available.

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