Short Notes on National River Conservation Plan (NRCP):

i. The activities of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) phase-I were started in 1985.

ii. They were declared closed on 31st March 2000.

iii. The steering committee of the National River Conservation Authority reviewed the progress of GAP and necessary correction were made on the basis of lessons learnt and experiences gained from GAP Phase-I.


iv. They are being applied to other major polluted rivers of the country under the NRCP.

v. The Ganga Action Plan (GAP) Phase-II, has been merged with the NRCP.

a. The expanded NRCP now covers 152 towns located along 27 interstate rivers in 16 states.

b. Under this action plan-pollution abatement words are being taken up in 57 towns.


c. A total of 215 schemes of pollution abatement have been sanctioned. So far, 69 schemes have been completed under this action plan.

d. A million litres of sewage is targeted to be intercepted, diverted and treated.