What do you mean by the term Indus Delta?


Indus delta is one of the major deltas of the Indian subcontinent. Omitting indentations the delta face from Karachi to Kori creek is about 250 km and the protuberance is 60 km. The Indus has one of the largest basins among the rivers of the subcontinent. As it approaches the sea, it passes through arid Sind desert whence the river loses much of its discharge, which is also diminished by the off-take of numerous canals.

Thus, the Indus becomes a highly aggrading river dropping much of its sediments in the delta. It is pro-grading itself through the main channels of the Indus. Roughly speaking the delta face is not arcuate but angular the arms of the obtuse angle meeting near the mouth of the main channel of the Indus. This shows the predominance of the perennial main channel, which is large enough to build out into the sea. The other smaller channels in this arid environment have lost their discharge and sediment within the deltaic desert itself. The Indus delta is in more sheltered sea than the other major deltas of the subcontinent because of the region being beyond the cover of the monsoon winds. This accounts for the notable seaward advance of this delta.


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