The soil erosion renders the soil infertile. In order to check soil erosion, soil conservation methods should be adopted. These methods are:

(i) Afforestation.

It is necessary to plant trees on mountain slopes, barren lands, edges of rivers, roads, etc. This shall slow down the soil erosion process.

(ii) Ploughing Methods.


Ploughing should be done at right angles to the flow of the water. Contour ploughing is other method suggested for checking soil erosion.

(ii) Control of Grazing.

Grazing by goats, sheep, etc. should be controlled so that the roots of grasses and other vegetations are not loosened and vegetation covers eaten.

A great havoc has been done in Rajasthan, M.P, southern U.P, Punjab, Haryana, etc. by way of grazing.


Steps are being taken to check and restrict grazing activity so that soil erosion is lessened.

(iii) Wind Belts.

The sandstorms and even ordinary winds erode land. Nowadays forest belts are being planted in Rajasthan at right angles, to the storm direction so that wind speed is checked and removal of sand particles is restricted.

The belts are 8 km broad and usually 700 km long.


(vi) Extension of Irrigation.

Only those crops should be grown, whose roots keep the soil intact for a longer period?

In this direction extension of assured means of irrigation shall play a big role in conserving soil.

(vii) Stabilization of Sand Dunes.


Grass and other vegetation cover on sand dunes help stabilizing the shifting dunes. In this way other areas are saved from the onslaught of the shifting dunes.

For want of these measures, Rajasthan desert is extending into south-west Punjab and Haryana.