The following precautions should be taken while storing food grain in bags:

1. As far as possible new bags should be used. This is due to the reason that old bags may be infested with insects or microorganisms which can damage the food grains. In case, old bags are to be used, they should be washed in boiling water and dried in bright sunlight before use.

2. The food grains which are to be stored should be clean, free from insects, cool and dry.

3. After filling, the mouth of the bag should be stitched tightly.


4. While stacking the grain-filled bags in a godown, care should be taken to keep a gap of about 60 to 70 cm between the wall and the bags. This is done to safeguard food grains against any possible damage by moisture due to seepage.

5. Alleys (narrow passages) should be provided in between the various stacks. This arrangement permits proper ventilation and also facilities periodic inspection as well as application of insecticides.