Women Should be Restricted to the World Connected to Home and Family. Do you Agree?


A woman, an adult human female who plays a significant role as a wife or a mistress in a man’s life, has been an attention since the beginning of the World. They are restricted to work in our society. I completely disagree with this statement that they should be restricted to the World. Patterns of women’s employment vary throughout Muslim World as of 2005, 16 % of Pakistani Women were “economically active” (either employed, or unemployed but available to deliver labor), whereas 52% of Indonesian women were.

According to Annemarie Schimmel, a well-known scholar, who wrote comprehensively on Islam “compared to the pre-Islamic position of Women, Islamic legislation meant an enormous progress, the women has a right to administrator the wealth she has bought into the family or has earned by her own work.”

Women have a right to add to the family’s wealth. Women should not be limited to be only a housewife and look after their husband and children. Yes, I agree that they should look after their family and just not work. In some families where the men’s income is not enough they do not even let the women work as a teacher or anything else. While some families allow Women of their houses to work but only to an extent to be a teacher because harassments are very common these days in the society we live. But restricting Women Totally is not fair as they have a right to add to the families income.


The groups in the opposition, to this topic, say that the women should only be concerned to their jobs at home, which is cooking, cleaning etc. They also say that women even at schools are facing harassment while I totally disagree with them.

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