Of all the persons I know, I like best Mr. Kunj Lai. He is my next door neighbour. He is about fifty-five and is working as an accountant in the local State Bank of India. I have known him for the last fifteen years.

He is a man of a very cool and sweet temperament. I have never seen him angry. He presents a smiling face to everybody. He knows how to smile his way into the heart of everybody. He smiles and whistles under all difficulties.

He is as patient as a woman and as cheerful as a child. He is always calm and quiet. He seldom allows anything to disturb his peace of mind. He has an equally good and virtuous wife. There is perfect harmony in the house.

He has very pleasing habits. He is respectful, polite and courteous to all. He avoids picking up a quarrel with anybody. He turned away another man’s wrath with a smile and a joke. He is very sociable and is full of wit and humour. Above all, he is most unselfish and sincere. These qualities of head and heart have endeared him to all who have anything to do with him.


He is fully conscious of his duties and rights. He worries for his duties more than for his rights. He is public spirited and puts the country and the people above self. He is conscious of the debt he owes to society. He gives to society in the same measure as he receives from it.

He refrains from doing harm to others in any shape or form. He is law-abiding. He is pure in thought, word and deed. His actions are in keeping with his words. He never goes back upon his word. He is a gentleman par excellence.

He regards physical fitness as a moral duty. He keeps himself in perfect health to be of service to his country. He is a slave to duty and not a slave of his passions. Last but not the least, he is true to his own self. He is always guided by moral considerations.

I make every effort to follow in his footsteps. I look upon him as my mentor and friend, philosopher and guide.