It is widely believed today that e-govemance means getting automated. However, it does not mean getting the several government departments automated so that they act like isolated islands of information and services provided with the help of new technology. E-governanee means providing citizen’s with a central point of access to government services.

E-governance requires net-centric attitude. Net-centric means leveraging the power of the network. For most of us, this means using the Internet. However, this can also be local network resource or it could be an internet. The main difference between being net-centric and focused on information technology is that in the net-centric model, we enable collaboration and through this collaboration, we create highly productive teams rather than more productive individuals.

Automating tasks might not necessarily improve anything. This is particularly true if we are simply automating outmoded ways of doing things and inefficient processes. Net-centric focuses on allowing virtual teams focused on a common goal to come together on the network. India has shown that they are developing their information technology economy using net-centric tools. They are delivering products and services using the net-work.