Discipline is the foundation of a successful life. It is a code of conduct-a set of rules and habits which are followed to ensure order, stability and purposefulness. Only a person of strong character can ever achieve a worthwhile progress in life; and discipline in an essential trait of character.

Discipline means the training of the mind and the body to behave according to the established rules. It entails obedience to these rules, self-control and observance of healthy habits. It requires the skill to extract the maximum benefit out of the available time, Discipline should be inculcated in a person since childhood so that in later years he can resist wild temptations and control wanton desires.

An undisciplined man will give free reins to his passions and ruin his life. Discipline gives a certain direction, a certain meaning, to life. No individual, no society and no nation can be strong, powerful and great without discipline. It is true that cultivating discipline requires great determination, patience and perseverance, but the effort is highly rewarding.