Violence is increasing worldwide. Hate is increasing amongst races and communities; there is anger against the government, poverty, ambition to achieve independent states and many other reasons why people take up arms.

There is no country which does not have violence. Nations have always fought each other; many heads of states have been killed for reasons that are bizarre or trivial at best. In different nations leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Rajiv Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto have lost their lives and assassinated due to violence. However it is hard to figure out exactly what is derived from these assassinations, if it is to indicate disapproval of the system then the system does not change through any bomb blasts in public areas. Revolution is not a result of random acts of violence. Taking the example of the US or India then it can be said despite dramatic attacks they still pursue their own agenda. Assassination of political leaders has not made a difference to their governments. Like the death of Rajiv Gandhi caused the congress to still win the elections and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi became the head of the party. In fact violence in any country does not lead to a change in any policy.

Hence if violent movements do not achieve any kind of results then why is it that people risk their lives to kill leaders who have not injured them directly? The incident draws attention for some time and then the media moves on to some other incident. Hence this violence is a useless thing, hence why is it that there is no peace.

There are many reasons more specifically there is a religious context, it starts when members of a certain religious context have grudges or do not like members of t other religions. Most of the violence in today’s society falls into these category. This is mainly because jihad or holy war gives a religious colour to violence in Palestine, Israel, Jammu and Kashmir and even Karachi. It is so extreme that even when the suicide losses his lie in the process it is termed as a sacrifice in the name of God. It is another fact which is never considered that no religion teaches or preaches hatred, murder or suicide; hence these violent actions can rarely described as religious.


However not all movements or violent actions have a religious tone. Many violent actions or movements are to have political control. It is easy for these groups or movements to gather disgruntled people who are suffering from unemployment or who have grudges against the society. These movements try and give false dreams to them by saying that this violence would give them prosperity as God would reward them. Terrorists are also known to give large amounts of money to the families of the suicide bombers and hence these terrorists succeed in exploiting them economically.

Therefore revolutionary movements turn into criminal businesses. They include extortion, murder, kidnapping soon overcome the whole process of revolutionising that initiated the movement in the first place. Even if we assume that these movements are not corrupt or violent they don’t always achieve their goals. Terrorism rarely achieves what it sets out to achieve. For one thing people get tired of the violence.

The root cause of these movements, their creation and their survival is the lethargy o the government. Hence there should be a proper method of grievance put in place and this method should allow people to approach the government. It is because of the lack of communication that the government causes people to take up violence.