Essay on Media and Famous People



Media in general such as television, news papers and magazines is a transmitter of wide range of information and entertainment to the audience. It’s basic target is to absorb the people’s attention to follow up as per their interest whether it was conveying daily news, entertainment movies, documentary films , sports news…etc.  Some media pay too much attention for the personal lives of famous people as this will attract more audience; however, this has also a huge negative impact as well.

Media competition is increasing yearly; therefore owners try to increase the number of their customers by any means. One of these means is transmitting personal lives of famous people to public. They broadcast news of public figures and celebrities such as their relationships, break ups, marriage status since the public is very interested to know the way the famous people live. Therefore, personal live will be exposed including their daily habits. On the other hand, this will leave negative impact on society and also on celebrities and famous figures lives.


I think that personal matters must be respected; normal people do not allow anyone to interfere in their personal lives, they consider this pertaining and must be distinct from others unless they want to reveal it.

So in return, they must control their curiosity and respect the famous people personal matters. Moreover, celebrities might be annoyed from spotting all their activities. They consider that public must be only concerned with their performance and not personal news.

As well, some famous people were killed because they were fleeing away from the press cameras such as the horrible death of the very famous figure Lady Diana.

Media should respect the personal lives of famous people for the benefit of all parties.



Sarah Ashkar


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