Essay on Management of Personnel in Physical Education


Administration of the human component generally takes one of two forms dealings with groups, both formal and informal, and leadership of individuals, in both official and personal capacities. It involves the guidance, leadership, and direction of staff members as all work cooperatively toward common goals.

It includes the integration of ideas, persons, and resources into effective efforts toward the achievement of objectives. It embraces concern for the security and welfare of all persons in the organization and the fostering of human relationships leading to the optimal functioning of the entire program.

It deals with the selection, employment, and orientation of staff members. Fringe benefits, due processes for tenure and dismissal, compensation, and work load are among the important areas to which an administrator must give concerned attention.


While buildings and programs are important in any educational enterprise, no component of an institution or organizational unit surpasses in significance that of the teachers and coaches who are in daily contact with the students.

It high quality and competent individuals are selected, if they are assigned functions and responsibilities that are appropriate to their interests and abilities, if they feel secure and well cared for, and if they are motivated and inspired to do their best, the probability is high that People supervise many things, not all of them related to the improvement of instruction.

There are pieces of gymnastic equipment to be inspected, uniforms to be purchased, gymnasiums to be maintained, weight rooms to be controlled, and classrooms to be furnished. There are also many aspects of the environment requiring supervisory attention. Good supervisors have an infinite number of tasks as part of their jobs.

In fulfilling their responsibilities, supervisors are liable to be called on to help plan, to assist with curriculum development, to make decisions, and to coordinate the work of others.


They may also be required to do some research, to demonstrate teaching methods, to hold conferences with teachers and coaches, and to recommend changes.

In summary, one may emphasize that their overriding function is assistance in bringing about a better teaching- learning situation, one that will recognize the significance of the freedom to think, express, and create.

It is also important to reiterate that supervision should be governed, not by laws, but by a group of carefully formulated principles:

• The learning situation is a major concern of supervision.


• The supervisor should assist the teacher in improving those abilities leading to better instruction.

• The supervisor should exercise leadership in the improvement of physical facilities and equipment.

• The supervisor should represent physical education and interpret it to the community.

It can be seen from the foregoing that the scope of supervision is limitless. Any process that improves the education of the students is good supervision. Any person who assists in the improvement of instruction of enhances the learning situation is engaged in a salutary supervisory act.

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