A Laugh a Day Keeps Worries Away


Life is full of ups and downs. Laughter helps to keep us cheerful. ‘A laugh a day keeps worries away’ is a maxim one should believe in.

A hearty laugh will help you cope with the pressures in life. It will improve your social skills and of course, make you look younger. Scientists are actively advocating laughter therapy as a medicine to combat problems related to the mind.

The stress of modern life has cost us our laughter. Cut-throat competition and undue pressures result in stress-related problems. This is the root cause of many physical and mental illnesses. Laughter is believed to mitigate stress.


Laughter therapy catalyses biochemical changes in the brain which prod the body’s coping mechanism. This helps in reducing the endomorph- pine hormone, thus reducing pain and stress.

Laughter therapy is known to effec­tively cure people suffering from depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders. People suffering from depression find it difficult to laugh. Laughing can help them come out of their depressed feelings.

A good laugh improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure. Laughter therapy has proved to be a boon to people with cardiac problems. It increases the intake of oxygen, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen to the heart and brain. It also helps to cure bronchitis. Physiotherapy of the chest is best done through laughter.

Doctors claim that people with a sense of humor have better bladder movement and are less prone to acidity, thereby helping them in digestion. Humor retards the ageing process, as it increases blood supply to facial skin. The eyes receive much needed moisture thereby giving them luster.


Laughter therapy helps fight hopelessness. It generates mental strength, which enables you to fight chronic disorders like paralysis and epilepsy. Natural calamities like earthquakes and floods leave a serious impact on the mind of the affected people, leaving them despondent and distressed. Laughter helps such people to come back to mainstream life.

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