Indescribable are the joys of college life. A college student is no less than a prince. He is a lotus-eater. He is as free as a bird. He is optimistic. He is full of the wine of life. He is proud. He is smart and dashing.

He is always in a holiday mood. He is trim every inch. He puts on a smart suit. A beautiful fountain pen and a costly wrist watch he must have. There is no pressure of work, no threat of caning, no dread of the teachers.

The college building is large and imposing, the lawns are a great beauty, the friends are loving and chatty and pofessors models of kindness. Freedom is writ large in and around the college. Opportunities for games, study, adventure and romance are many.

He may study or he may not if he so chooses. Nobody can force him to study against his will. Examinations may or may not be taken. He is now a responsible young man and competent to think for himself. His mettle and his character come out to play their part.


He is surrounded by temptations. The college tuck shop invites him. The city cinema halls are within his easy reach. His friends are at his disposal. They are ready and willing to keep him company anywhere and everywhere.

He can go to bed at will and rise at will. College life is independent of every other life. The college student lives in his own world. He does not care to know whence comes the money he spends so recklessly; he does not worry how it is earned by the sweat of somebody’s brow.

The college life has its own difficulties. Its responsibilities are so many. Great freedom always means great self restraint and responsibility. A heavy course of studies and a keen sense of duty and responsibility often sober down a student.

College life affords a student ample opportunities to satisfy his instinctive craving for learning. There are many interesting and thought-provoking activities in the college. There are various societies, clubs and associations to occupy his attention.


He can take part in games and debates. He can take part in dramatics. Educational and historical tours arranged in colleges, have a great educational value. He can join the N.C.C. and become eligible for high posts in the army. In a college, the students make life­long friendships.

In brief, college life is a significant landmark which a student has to cross in his upward struggle. If a student makes the best use of his life at college and does not fritter it away in idle pursuits, he can rise to any height.