I am very fond of a morning walk. I never miss it. It is a part and parcel of my daily programme. I prefer to go alone. I am never alone when I am alone. My thoughts are my best companions. I usually go to the riverside for a walk. I get up punctually at 5 a.m. and wend my way to the river.

It is a very quiet time. Peace and quiet reign every-where. The peace and quiet of nature impart peace to the soul. The morning time is the freshest time. I pass through fields and gardens. The air is full of fragrance. The chirping of birds gives great joy.

The green crops wave in the cool morning breeze. The farmers are already up. They are either ploughing their fields or working the wells or reaping fodder to be taken to the market for sale. The vegetable-sellers are carrying on their heads baskets of fresh vegetables to the city.

Milk vendors are carrying milk cans to the city. Washermen with their donkey loads of dirty linen go to the river for washing. Carts loaded with grain are crawling along the country road with a creaking noise. The leaves of trees rustle in the air. Everything looks fresh and gay. Dew drops on leaves and blades of grass look like pearls.


In half an hour, I reach the river. It flows majestically. Ripples dance on its bosom. I ease myself in the fields and wash my hands and face. Then I brush my teeth. I have an oil massage and light exercise. After a few minutes’ rest, I enjoy a dip and a swim in the canal. In summer, it keeps me cool and in winter, it keeps me warm the whole day.

A morning walk is the lightest form of exercise. It is suited to all, old and young. It sharpens appetite, improves health and prolongs life. Great men of the world like Mahatma Gandhi never missed it. One who misses it misses everything.