328 Words Essay on Rights to Speech in India


The right to freedom is a heartbeat for someone and an untouched verge for some people in this society.

In India

In an Independent India we are enjoying the fundamental rights with the help of the constitution.


The Constitution defined the number of fundamental rights granted to the citizens in INDIA to enjoy their lives. In these sets of fundamental rights the Rights to speech plays a major role.

Rights to Speech:

Rights to speech is a basic right to all citizens. It was defined in Article 19. As per the constitution each and every citizen have the rights to express their feelings, But it won’t affect the sovereignty and fraternity of the Independent India.

Rights to Speech in Press:


Press is the backbone of every government, that having the willpower to make a government to stand or reject from the Rule.

Press is the backbone of every government having the willpower to make a government to stand or reject from the Rule.

But the Rights of speech are very limited to the press. They could not ready to talk about the mistake of the present ruling government. If any press made their mistake as a big issue, the ruling party will quit of the press.

The press also has more responsibility to maintain the sovereignty of India.


Rights to Speech in Schools and Colleges:

In INDIA, Rights to speech is totally washed out from the educational institution .Student unable to express their wishes and ideas in their classrooms. If students express their ideas which is true to their knowledge their Internal marks may get affected by their staffs. So students are growing as like statues. So in future they may not represent INDIA in any International summit’s so on.


As my point of view the Rights to Speech is almost died in the entire part of the country. So we need the anthor freedom struggle to get the rights to speech ……….



Allwin Jebakumar


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