In my short young life, I have already experienced the need of a good doctor in the society. When my grandmother fell seriously ill last year, in our village there was no doctor who could be called and consulted for her immediate relief or cure.

My father had to walk a couple of miles away from our house for contacting a doctor at night. But the doctor refused to accompany him at that hour of the night. This had greatly upset my father. He stayed all the night there, and escorted the doctor in the morning to our house. By that time, the condition of health of my grandmother badly dete­riorated, because she was not attended by a doctor in time, not promptly given the necessary medicines.

My grandmother died after some time. This sad inci­dent made my heart greatly moved. I promised that day that must be a doctor when I grow up. And with that determina­tion, I have been prosecuting my studies very seriously. I would live not to see my parents, or the near and dear ones, or even my neighbours die helplessly like my grandmother.

I shall always be ready to serve the sick patients, whenever needed, be it at day or at night. As a doctor, being in a Respectable profession, I must feel that I am a social worker who has to perform the sacred duty and responsibility of serving the people of my country.


If I would find that a poor patient could not afford the doctor’s fee or even the cost of the medicines, I would come forward to waive the former and pay in cash money for the latter. I feel that an ideal doc­tor must adjust his professional needs with social service.