Examinations are held in every school or college. They are the test of learning. There are defects in the present examination system. But exams are needed to test the knowledge.

Both the bright and weak students fear examinations. A student may not like examination but he has to face it every year. Therefore, he should prepare notes regularly at home. He should devote time to every subject. There is a choice in the question paper. If a student prepares well, he gets good marks. Good marks give fruit in the future.

Examination is like a fever. If a student is nervous, he cannot learn anything. Examinations are not a true test

Of a student’s ability. They are the test of cramming, of knowledge.


It is not possible to test in three hours what a stud has learnt during the whole year. Some students copy the examination. They tear leaves from the books.

Thus, examinations are not the true test of one ability but there is no other way of testing the ability old student. Examinations cannot thus be removed.