137 Words short Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station


We decided to go to Kashmir during the summer vacation. I went there with my parents. We left for Jammu by train. We reached Jammu the following morning. We stayed in Jammu for one day. Then we went to Srinagar by bus.

We saw Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Garden. There were very beautiful flowers and fruit trees in the garden. I enjoyed the beauty of Nature. We hired a ‘Shikara’ in Dal Lake. We also went to see Gulmarg. It is very famous for its beauty.

Then we went to Pahalgam. It is also a very beautiful place. Kashmir is famous for its handicrafts. We bought some wooden toys, sarees and shawls. We stayed in Kashmir for ten days. Then we returned to Delhi. The sweet memory of the Kashmir Valley is still fresh in my mind.

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