524 Words Essay on value of discipline


Wise men preach discipline; great men practice it, while fools defy it. The strength or weakness of a nation can bqj judged by the presence or absence of discipline in the nation life of its people. Discipline is the national virtue of great people. In discipline and unity lies the strength of nation. Happiness and safety are also closely linked to it.

Discipline is the base of the whole universe. The earths, the moon, the sun, all follow a certain system. The planets move on a set system around the sun. The sun rises and sets. The night follows the day in due order. There is discipline in nature too. We see changes of seasons at certain intervals. We have autumn in which we see fall of leaves, and then we have sweet springs which bring back new leaves. All these occur in a proper order.

Discipline is necessary in all walks of life whether it is playground or it is battlefield or it is school or college discipline is seen every where. Without it we can never achieve our goal. Not only will this there be complete chaos. Hence, it should be injected in the minds of children right from early age. As charity begins at home, discipline also begins at home. Children must be taught to obey their parents, their teachers.


They must be taught to follow the norms of life, to follow the rules of discipline inside and outside the homes in order to achieve the highest goal.

Discipline is necessary for the continuance of a well- regulated and orderly life. Its importance in our countiy today is immense. The freedom of the nation can be safe only when we learn the lesson of discipline and practise it at every step. Discipline is guide and guardian of a man’s life. There are examples of great men who have risen to heights of success and glory by ordering discipline in their lives.

But the scenario has been changed nowadays because evil of indiscipline has become prevalent everywhere. We see discipline in schools, colleges, universities, offices, and in politics. Students are getting averse to social, ethical and moral norms that lead to a tendency towards indiscipline among them. The parental control is not seen over them nor is the teachers able to control them.

Reasons may be numerous, may be genuine but indiscipline can’t be tolerated at any cost. Hence, it is essential for the students to maintain perfect discipline. They must be given moral education in schools.


In politics we saw indiscipline at large scale. The leaders, instead of following proper norms of politics, are indulged in money making and power making. They have become corrupt ^d self seeking. They are least bothered for the progress of nation and it is a fact that they are the root cause of all ^discipline in the public life.

We must not forget that loose discipline or absence of discipline in the family, in the class room, in the army and fields will lead us to the path of ruin. Hence, positive changes are necessary everywhere in order to bring alround development in the country.

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