The recent doping scandal in the Olympic Games has increased public awareness to a great extent. In reality doping practices have become a threat to the fairness and the existence of sportsman spirit in games and sports.

Doping means taking of drugs i.e. chemical substances by the sport persons in order to enhance their performance it is an illegal practice and therefore dope tests of participants are conducted before every big event and the winners are again tested after the performance. Inspite of such precautions, we have seen so many doping scandals not only in sports but in cricket too.

We have example of Shane Warne, an Australian cricketer who was banned for one year due to drug abuse. Again Aparna Popat, a badminton star was tested positive a few years back in the Olympic Games 2004 Pratima Kumari, a weight-lifter, and got life ban in the similar case.

Drug abuse has become rampant. During 1966 out of 37 champions tested for doping 12 were found to be positive i.e. 37% of the lot. During 1997 out of 8000 tests conducted only 69 were found positive i.e. only 1%. Perhaps the seizure of banned drugs is responsible for this fall in percentage, which may be considered a positive sign. But this is not all. Between 1987 and 1990, there is an account of unnatural death of 18 cycling champions of Belgium and Holland who had taken ‘erythropoielin’. The evil of drug abuse is so serious. It takes life too.


Doping cases make it clear that participants want victory by hook or by crook. Forgetting the true essence of games or sports, they deliberately use drugs, an unscrupulous way to surpass their competitors. Thus ethical and moral values are ignored by the players which are a matter of deep analysis.

We can not deny the fact that sport persons need Potentiality. They need staying power but for this they must not use foul or illegal means. In place of using banned stimulants they should use antalgics, cardio-respiratory aseptic, central nervous system stimulants several of which are strong anti-depressants and stimulants.

The sportpersons should also maintain and restore glycogen reserves to avoid Physical exertion. Benzocliapine derivatives and amphetamines cannabinoids alcohol or beta-blockers can also be used by them in order to win over stress and to get sound sleep and over all to maintain good physical feature.

The growing drug addiction tendency in sports is not healthy for the world at large. One can win over the medals, ranks or high names for one’s country but one can also bring a bad name to the countiy. The success of sportsmanship depends upon one’s individual quality, courage, discipline, confidence and morality.


Individual traits bring not a high name for the individual but also for the nation. But if one tries to achieve this by ill-ways, it shows low morality and ill- character of the individual. Hence this tendency can be called as a serious offence and it must be checked for maintaining healthy environment in the field of games and sports.