School is a temple of learning, where we all grow up and become the good future citizens of the country. It is a place where children learn basic things like manners, discipline, punctuality and many more things with studies.

The name of my school is Basavarajeshwari Public School and College (BPSC). The name of our school has come from our great leader Basavarajeshwari who was the deputy minister and member of legislative council, she won the Bellary lokh sabha seat three times in a row and she was a union minister of state for women and child development, in the PV. Narsimarao ministry. She was survived by four sons and four daughters.

Our school is situated in Patel nagar, Rajkumar road, Bellary, Karnataka. It is a place where there is a pleasant atmosphere. As we enter the school campus first comes the Rajarajeshwari temple, from there as we go four steps ahead from the temple to our right will be our play ground and as we will go straight there is a place where buses are parked.

Our school is from kindergarten to class 11. Timings for kindergarten is 9.00 am to 1.30 pm, for class 1-10 it is 9.00am to 3.30 pm and for class 11 from 8.00am to 5.30pm.


Our school is two stored building and is divided into two wings that are right wing and left wing. In the right wing there are twenty one class rooms, two audio visual halls, one seminar hall, one office room and principal room. In the left wing there are twenty eight classrooms, library and three staff rooms.

In our school there are about one thousand and seven hundred students and seventy teachers. Ours school is according to ICSE syllabus and we have eight periods, forty five minutes of each period. We have a short break and a lunch break. We have a canteen in our school where we get all types of snacks and are kept very hygienic.

We have a library period once a week there are lot of books in our library. Educational films are shown in A.V hall twice a week. We have PT period twice a week, where we play different types of games like Kho-kho, volley ball, throw ball hand ball, foot ball, chess, carom, tennis, long jump and high jump. We have a club period once a week; the club period includes singing, drama, karate, western dance and classical dance.

In our school we have a science laboratory which includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratory which is well equipped .We also have computer laboratory.


We celebrate annual day, sports day, national festivals, rangoli, cooking, drawing, inter house, painting, elocution, essay writing, fancy dress, dance, singing competitions and we have educational field trips twice a year.

Yearly we have four exams first term, midterm, second term and annual exams. The students of my school are very well disciplined, studious, as well as competitive. They show brilliant performance in all the exams.

I am proud to be in BPSC School. I like my school and my teachers. I feel that my school is the best school in our city.



Mukund G K