Radio technique was the first major achievement of the modern science in the field of communication. Invented nearly a hundred years ago by Marconi and later improved upon by Alexanderson, this radio invention almost changed the world.

Distances became meaningless in this context as one could talk to a person thousands of miles away. It is a very useful gift of science to mankind. We can come in touch with the various people without moving away from our homes. We can listen to film music, light music, news, running commentaries, not only from our radio stations but from many distant countries.

Every country has radio stations in big cities. The radio of a country is considered to be the Voice’ of that country. All official announcements are made by means of radio broadcasts.

Radio medium has great educative value also. It gives a lot of information and hence knowledge. In the countries like India where all villages are not accessible by roads and where people are mostly uneducated, radio is the most effective means to reach all. This medium can greatly help in eradicating illiteracy and ignorance of the people. It is a very useful gift of science to mankind.


Till few years back the radio were completely forgotten in big cities but with coming of FM channels, its popularity has reached new heights.