192 Words Essay for Kids on My Home


I live at Lajpat Nagar. It is one of the best colonies of Delhi. We are living in this house since 1980. Our house is situated on the Ring Road.

Our house is three-storeyed. I live with my elder sister on the first floor, which has two bed rooms, a huge drawing room, kitchen and store room. The rooms are well-furnished. All the rooms are airy and ventilated. My sister and 1 have decorated the drawing room. It has a sofa set, a dining table, a T.V. set and in the centre a big carpet. The walls are well- decorated with paintings.

There is a small kitchen-garden behind the house. It gives me great pleasure in watering the plants. I have grown beautiful flowers and vegetables in it. The kitchen of my house has all amenities. The crockery is kept in shelves. The utensils are kept in almirahs. We have cooking gas in the kitchen.


My house is neat and clean. It is a place of peace, comfort and love. I like my house very much. My Dad and Mom live on the ground floor. The top floor is our guest house.

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