15th August is an important day for India. On this day, in 1947, India became mdependentfrom British rule. Every year, °n 15th August, we celebrate Independence Day with great joy.

This day is celebrated throughout the country. The Prime Minister hoists the National Flag at Red Fort in Delhi. The National Anthem is also sung.

The Red Fort ceremony is marked by a guard of honour presented to the Prime Minister and a salute of 21 guns. The military bands play our national song. Then there is an important speech by the Prime Minister.

It is a day of national holiday. All the shops, establishments, factories, offices, etc. are closed. This historic day reminds us of many great patriots who sacrificed their lives to win us freedom. We must struggle and work hard to maintain our freedom.


This year we made great preparation in our school. Our principal hoisted our National Flag. The scout band played the National Anthem, ‘Jana Gana Mana’. We distributed sweets among all the students.