In the evening of last Sunday I found that the house of our neighbour had caught fire. The flames were rising to the sky.

Suddenly I heard shouts of “Fire, Fire!” I woke up at once and looked out in the street. I saw a house on fire.

I ran downstairs and reached the place. Many people had collected there. They were running with buckets full of water and bags full of sand. What a terrible scene I saw that day!

But it did not prove of much help. A strong wind was blowing. Some cries were heard from inside the house. The house belonged to a doctor.


Soon some fire-engines reached the spot. Two firemen entered the burning house. They helped the doctor’s family to come out. Fortunately no one was killed.

The fire was brought under control. The building was reduced to ashes. The shopkeeper had suffered a great loss. It was a very fearful sight.