I have been serving as a domestic maid in one family for the last five years. A domestic maid is one girl or woman who helps the mistress of the house in all her household chores. It is luck only that helps a maid like me to get a good home to work in and above all, a good mistress to work with.

Though it is only the affluent who can afford to maintain domestic maids, but all the affluent are not the same, some are good and kind while most of them are rude and cruel.

However, I have been very lucky in this matter and have been given by God a very fine family to work with. My master’s family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Saini their two daughters and one son. A long time back, about eight years ago, my mother used to work in this family and, I was her only child.

They were all very good to my mother also, but she was so much tortured by my father that, a few years back she died of shock and, soon after, I also lost my father. When I lost both my parents one after the other, I must have been just about six years old as, I remember everything very clearly.


It was after the deaths of my parents, Mrs. Saini kept me in place of my mother. Here now, I have been working for the last five years and, I must say that, Mr. and Mrs. Saini and their children never make me feel the loss of my parents, they are all so very good and kind and caring for me.

I have a fine home to serve, a comfortable quarter to live in, clothes to wear and, above all, a school to study in. For the last five years, believe me, I have been studying at a school nearby and am now in Std. V. The children of the family also help me in my studies, and my work, and, with them I never feel as though I am someone other than one of them only.

The children are my friends and guides and just too wonderful like their parents.

My routine is that, I do all the work allotted to me in the house and then go off to my school. In the evenings, my mistress also teaches me some art and craft and her daughter, Neeta teaches me or, rather helps me in any of my problems in my studies.


What more could a domestic maid want from life? This of courses just luck that, I have a wonderful life even as a servant, and this is not a very common case for most maids. I can say so as, I often hear other maids complaining about the treatment meted out to them by their masters.

I am sure that, I am a very lucky maid looked after and cared for so well for, as I understand from versions of other maids that they are not treated half as well as I am.

What I understand from people’s talks is that, most of the masters and mistresses seem to believe that, they are the special ones created by God, and the maids are of a lesser creed, ones of a lower birth and so do not deserve all that they deserve.

With such masters I can well understand how bad the life of a maid can be. It can be a real hell if she is not treated at least as a human being. When I see and hear all this, I thank God and say to HIM – Oh God, how kind you have been to me.


Even though you were unkind when you snatched away my parents but, you well compensated by giving me such wonderful masters – a fine replacement indeed.

At times I feel that, my masters are even better than my parents, even more worthy, as, who treats another’s child as his own except you Oh! God? You have blessed me God, and please keep me in the care of this family.

Besides, a prayer from me, I pray to God that he keeps my master’s family with all love and care in the palm of his hand – now, this is all I ask for GOD.