447 words essay for students on India in 2020

India is a developing country and the pace at which it is making progress is very fast indeed. If this rapid progress is maintained, the state of affairs in 2020 A.D. would be very impressive. In 2020 A.D. India will present a picture of tremendous progress and prosperity. It is a fact that without our five year plans we could not turn out poverty, hunger, diseases and illiteracy from her door.

It is also a fact that our past was glorious and our present Government is doing her best to raise the standard of living of the common man. It is, therefore, believed that by 2020 A.D. our country will be prosperous and powerful.

Our country is rightly called an agricultural country. At present the condition of agriculture is not much satisfactory. Production is low as compared with other progressive countries of Europe and America. Farmers are taught and advised to use improved methods of agriculture and scientific implements. So it is hoped that within thirty years general output will be at least doubled. Then we shall meet our domestic needs and expert food grains to some extent.


There is a great change in the agriculture formerly, it was not a profession. It was a lay man’s work. Now it has become a profession. So the farmers send their children to acquire technical training. They attend the seminars and agricultural exhibitions. They use improved qualities of seeds. They do not want to depend upon the mercy of rain god. Our Government is also not lagging behind.

In the field of heavy industries, progress is being made. By that time, Indians would also achieve new meaning and grace. The luxuries that on the privilege of a few now-a-days would come within the reach of the masses. Standard of living would rise and the present stage of hunger and poverty will become a thing of past.

India of 2020 AD-The future of India is very bright. Although the trend of coalition government appears a political period of instability. But the economic development of the country can be pursued. There can many countries like Japan and China where coalition governments have become the order of the day. The entry of multi nations should be allowed only in the core sector to save our industrial backbone. But at the same time we should not be afraid of healthy global competition because these days, no nation can afford to be isolated from integrating with the rest of the world.

I think India of 2020 AD would be much more prosperous and vibrant. But the problem of unemployment, proverty, disease is not going to vanish. Only we must strengthen our resolve to bright them out and make India a front-ranking nation of India.