Features of Mangrove Forests

Mangrove Forests

(i) Vegetation:

i. Mangrove forests are the most important vegetation found in the areas of tide influenced coats having accumulated mud and silt.


ii. Dense mangrove is the common varieties with roots of the plants submerged under water, Ganga, Mahanadi.

iii. Krishna, Kaveri and Godaveri Deltas are covered by these forests.

iv. In the Ganga-Brahmaputra Delta sundew trees are found which provide durable light but hard timber.

v. In some parts of delta, palm, coconut, keora, agar, screw, pine, amor are found.


(ii) Wildlife:

a. Royal Bengal Tiger is the famous animal in these forests.

b. Turtles, crocodile, gharials and snakes are found in large number here.

c. All animals, birds, worms and insects help to propagate the plant.


d. They help both in pollination and in seed dispersal.