What is the importance of Reforestation and Conservation of forests ?


There is no substitute for reforestation and there cannot be a better way to restore the balance of nature that to plant trees and thereby increase forest area. We must remember that forest is a natural habitat of wide variety of animals and plants. Trees take the carbon dioxide that we exhale and give us the oxygen we need for respiration. If there are fewer trees, there would be a build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide traps the heat of the atmosphere. This would increase the earth’s average temperature leading to disastrous climatic effects including rising sea-levels and serve drought in some areas. All of us have obligations towards our environment. We must imbibe the spirit of Shree Sunder Lal Bahuguna who stated the famous Chipko Movement to save the forest of Garhwal in UP and the Silent Valley in Kerla.

There is no denying the fact that man has to use the resources of his environment for his comfort, welfare and survival. Great inventions have changed our life style. There is no question of going back to the primitive life awareness of the possible consequences of some of the things that we produce and use.

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