Get complete information about Iron ore fields in India


Iron ore is used in the production of iron and steel and is used in the making of all machinery. There are three main types of iron ore-Haematites, Magnetites and Limonites.

Iron Ore Fields

The iron-ore in India has a high iron content. The area of iron-one is located close to coalfields and has a low sulphur content. It’s by-product, Benzene, is used in making synthetic rubber.


The chief deposits of iron-ore occur in-

(а) Orissa: Good quality haematite (iron-55- 68%) Keonjhar,

Mayurbhanj, Sundergarh, Noamundi

(b) Jharkhand: rich haematites (iron: 60-69%) Singhbhum, Palamau, Noamundi.


(c) Chhattisgarh: Bastar and Durg districts. Iron is exported through Vishakhapatnam.

(d) Karnataka: (Magnetite and haematite) found in Kemmangundi and Baba Budan hills. Kudremukh has very large and valuable iron ore deposits and supplies this raw material to Bhadravati Iron Works.

(e) Goa: Small reserves but being a port export is easy. Chief areas are Bicholin, Kudriem, Ponda and Sahqualin.

(f) Andhra Pradesh: (Magnetite) Iron Ore is found in:

  • Disticts of Cuddapah and Chabali,
  • Guntur and Nellore districts.


(g) Tamil Nadu: Salem and Tiruchirapalli

(h) Maharashtra: 1. Lohara Hills in Chanda district 2. Ratnagiri, Raigarh and Satara districts.

India exports iron-ore through the ports of Marmagoa, Vishakhapatnam and Mangalore to Japan, Korea, European and the Gulf countries.

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