What is your upper limit on fat for the calories you consume


Percent Daily Values on Nutrition Facts Labels are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Values for 2,000 and 2,500 calories are rounded to the nearest 5 grams to be consistent with the Nutrition Facts Label.

Different forms of the same food may be very different in their content of saturated fat. INDEX 18 provides some examples. Try to choose the forms of food that are lower in saturated fat most often.

Keep total fat intake moderate


Aim for a total fat intake of no more than 30 percent of calories, as recommended in previous editions of the Guidelines. If you need to reduce your fat intake to achieve this level, do so primarily by cutting back on saturated and trans fats. Check INDEX 17 to find out how many grams of fat you can have for the number of calories you need. For example, at 2,200 calories per day, your suggested upper limit on fat intake would be about 73 grams. If you are at a healthy weight and you eat little saturated fat, you 11 have leeway to eat some plant foods that are high in unsaturated fats. To see if you need to lose weight, see the guideline “Aim for a Healthy Weight.”

Advice for children

Advice in the previous sections applies to children who are 2 years of age or older. It does not apply to infants and toddlers below the age of 2 years. Beginning at age 2, children should get most of their calories from grain products; fruits; vegetables; low-fat dairy products; and beans, lean meat and poultry, fish, or nuts. Be careful, nuts may cause choking in 2 to 3 year olds.

To reduce your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol:


Limit use of solid fats, such as butter, hard margarines, lard, and partially hydrogenated shortenings. Use vegetable oils as a substitute.

Choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products, cooked dry beans and peas, fish, and lean meats and poultry.

Eat plenty of grain products, vegetables, and fruits daily.

Use the Nutrition Facts Label to help choose foods lower in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.


NOTE: The food categories listed are among the major food sources of saturated fat for U.S. adults and children.

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