What do we understand by the ‘Doha Round’ of talks?


The fourth ministerial level talk, started in November 2001, is popularly known as ‘Doha Round’ of talks. In this round too the difference between developing and developed na­tions was continued. Although Developing coun­tries had protested against the Agricultural Sub­sidy (given by the developed countries to pro­mote their export), they favoured free flow of labour and capital.

Developing Countries have been opposing agricultural subsidy from the very beginning of the talks because it rendered their agricultural products less competitive. The Doha Round failed to settle this issue. The second main issue of the Doha Round was free flow of labour and Capital, developing Countries are rich in cheep labour so they were in the favour of free flow of labourers, and Developed countries, fear­ing unemployment had not favoured this.

Doha Round- of talks also brought the dis­agreement on the issues related to TRIPS and en­vironment to the fore. Thus it can be said that the Doha Round of WTO was a total failure.

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