What are the Problem & Effects of Wastes?


Improper disposal of wastes leads to various environmental hazards and affects general health of public. Different kinds of wastes, hazardous and non-hazardous are being dumped randomly leading to potential risk to health and environment.

Domestic, commercial and industrial sectors are the main contributors towards the generation of waste and improper disposal leads to various hazards. The problem of solid waste disposal is one of the major factors which has attracted the attention of humans.

Solid wastes of three types such as municipal solid waste, industrial waste and biomass waste are considered to be very important. Due to uneven growth only certain metropolitan cities and urban cities had grown drastically compared to low growth in rural areas. In big cities the problem of disposal is compounded due to inadequacy of disposal facilities and sites. The problem is also serious in urban sectors due to migration of rural people to cities due to want of employment and other facilities.

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