What are the main reasons for demand for teaching profession in India?


In the emerging Indian society, there is a demand for a sound programme of the professional education of teachers. There is a demand for the teaching profession for the reasons stated below:

(a) A thorough knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject contents which he has to teach;

(b) Knowledge of the Psychology of child, Principles of pedagogy and class management;


(c) Ability to communicate knowledge at the class level of intelligence;

(d) Ability to contrive and use a number of teaching devices;

(e) Ability to develop and use instructional materials and audio-visual aids;

(f) Ability to plan and organise the contents of a lesson;


(g) Capacity to find out individual needs to students and to adjust teaching procedures accordingly;

(h) Ability to assess and evaluate the attainments to the students by various methods;

(i) Ability to organize, supervise and participate in extra-curricular are activities of the school;

(j) Ability to help effectively in the guidance programme of the school.

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