What are the Characteristics of Colours?


Colour theorists have defined three char­acteristics of colours (3 dimensions of colour)

1. Hue-name of the colour.

2. Value-lightness or darkness of colour.


3. Intensity-dullness or brightness of colour.

1. Hue. The name of colour is known as hue. For example, green, red, blue, etc.

2. Value. Lightness or darkness of a colour is known as its value. White colour when added to a primary colour to make it light is called ‘tint’. Darkness in colour is achieved by adding black colour to the pure colour and is known as ‘shade’. White colour has minimum value whereas black colour has maximum.

3. Intensity. Brightness or dullness in colour is known as intensity. The best way to lessen the intensity of a colour is to add its supplementary colour. Bright colours have more intensity and dull are monotonous.


These characteristics are helpful in the proper selection and use of colours.

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