Computers in Education: Computers are helping the teachers in the following areas:

(1) Classification of pupils: Computers help in classification of children according to their abilities and evaluating their performance.

(2) Preparing time-table: Computers help in preparing time-table, schedules, etc.

(3) Maintenance of progress cards: Computers maintain progress cards and preserve them efficiently and confidentially.


(4) Tutorial and dialogue: Computer can play effectively the role of the tutor. It helps the teacher in engaging students in tutorial work. There is tutorial interaction and dialogue.

(5) Immediate feedback: Computers helps the teacher in providing immediate feed back to students for better interaction and motivation.

(6) Problem-solving and creativity: Computers can be used to develop Problem-solving ability and creativity among the students.

(7) Laboratory and practical work: Computers can supplement laboratory and practical work especially in science and technology subject.


(8) Training through stimulate techniques: The computer can be used to give training to the students through stimulated and gaming techniques.

(9) Education to handicapped: Computers can be used in providing education to handicapped like deaf and dumb.

(10) Repetition: A lesson if not understood once can be repeated number of times and thoroughly understood by even an average student. Computer can work according to the tune of the student.

(11) Guidance: Computer helps the teacher in providing information/data for guidance and reference.


Computer can be an excellent teacher. It can impart knowledge without losing temper and getting impatient. It is enjoyable and can have audio-visual facilities.