The following steps may be considered while planning a filing system


The mode of filing system should be formulated on the basis of objects and nature of records. The following points will help to plan the system of filing, apart from the above:

The filing system should be planned with due regard to the objects of filing and nature of records. When one prepares a system for filing, the first job is to make out a list of records and documents to be stored. The following steps may be considered while planning a filing system.

1. Period of Storage:


After deciding the records and documents to be listed, the period of storage should be determined with the consultation of various departmental heads of the organization. All documents are not needed for a long time while others may be needed for a considerable time.

2. Storage Space:

Nature of the organisation and availability of funds are the basis to layout a storage plan. Arrangements should also be made to protect the records from losses or damages.

3. Arrangements in Storage:


Storing arrangement should be kept in view of the frequency of use of the documents and departmental heads that will need the records.

4. Determining Equipments Need:

Various types of filing equipments should be procured to store the records. Availability of funds and importance of records decide the choice of filing equipment. Fire proof equipment must be preferred.

5. System of Classification:


A proper system of classification of records to be adopted is to be selected. The system should be simple, economical and efficient.

6. Training:

Proper arrangements should be made to train the staffs who handle the files. The filing procedure should be designed to fit the needs of the organisation.

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