Some important facts on The coastal plains


1. On either side of the Deccan Plateau there is a coastal strip which is known as the Coastal Plain. The area between the Deccan Plateau and the Arabian Sea is known as the Western Coastal Plain and the strip between the Deccan Plateau and the Bay of Bengal is known as the Eastern Coastal Plain.

2. These two meet at Cape Comorin.

3. The Western Coastal Plain starts from Gujarat, then passes through the Kutch Peninsula, the Kathiawar Peninsula, the Konkan Coast and the Malabar Coast.


4. There are a number of small lakes, lagoons and backwaters.

5. The Eastern Coastal Plain is broad and level. There are several deltas like those of the Ganga, Mahanadi, Kaveri and Krishna.

6. There are many lakes along the East Coast like Lake Chilka and Pulicat.

7. The southern part of the Eastern Coast is known as the Coromandel Coast.


8. Importance of the Coastal Plain:

(a) Some minerals are also found like salt in Gujarat.

(b) Fertile soil helps in the growing of crops.

(c) The ports on the west coast are ideal for trade with the western countries.


(d) Fish is available in the sea along the coast.

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