Large organizations are divided into various departments such as office, production, purchase, sales, finance, personnel etc. It is the office which is concerned with receiving, recording, arranging, analyzing and giving of information. All the departments depend upon the office for various information needs.

The office serves as the co-coordinating link in any organization. For co-coordinating the activities of different departments in an organization, office has to keep relations with each and every department. For example, orders for raw materials, sales, complaints, appointments etc. are passed through office only.

Office needs information of many kinds from different functional departments for framing general policies. Office supplies information needed in performing the functions of production, sales, personnel etc. and collects information from these departments for general policy framing and co-ordination. Relationship of office with other departments of an organization is given below:

Office and Production Department


The production department is concerned with the production of goods and services. Raw materials, machines, equipments etc. are needed to produce goods. They depend upon office to get their requirements.

The office makes purchases on behalf of the production department and also informs the production department the requirements of consumers and customers. The office is also provide common services to the production department, like, purchases correspondence, filing, market research, the trend of the market etc.

Office and Marketing/Sales Department

The office is always keep relations with customers. It is the office receives enquiries, orders etc. Enquiries are replied. Orders are executed by the sales department and the bill is sent through office. Complaints from customers are received by the office and convey them to sales department.


When sales go down, the office helps in marketing research to find out the reasons for low sales. The reasons are known to departmental heads, who take step to overcome the situations. Office receives information on behalf of sales department and office gives information to sales department, apart from general or common service, such as mailing, filing, communication etc.

Office and Purchase Department

Materials, stores, plant, machineries etc. needed for the purchase department is arranged by the office. Office assists the purchase department in inviting quotations or tenders, in sending orders, receiving invoices, making payments etc. It also gives general services to purchase department and maintains purchase journals, ledgers etc.

Office and Accounts/Finance Department


The accounts department maintains all the records of all business transactions with the help of office. The office prepares various financial statements and reports for the top management.

Correspondence on behalf of accounts department is conducted by the office. It renders assistance to maintain the books of accounts, budgets, salaries and wage bills, invoices, collection of debt etc. Office and Personnel Department

The personnel department is created only to provide necessary help to the managers in performing the staffing function. Without the productive efforts of human being, material resources would be meaningless and idle. Recruitment, training etc. are routed through office.

The office maintains the records of all the employees. The workers or the employees can communicate with the management through office. There is a close link between the office and personnel department.