The machinery provided under the Consumers Protection’ Act, 1986 for the redressal of consumer grievances is as follows:

i. District forum:

It is a Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at the district. On receiving a complaint the Forum refers it to the opposite party. The party is required to reply within the prescribed time period.

ii. State Commission:


The aggrieved or the opposite party can make an appeal to the State Commission against an order of District Forum.

iii. National commission:

Appeals against an order of the State Commission can be made before the National Commission.

Consumer Protection Councils:


The Act provides for the setting up of consumer protec­tion councils to protect and promote the rights of consumers.

Central and State Governments have been tardy in setting up advisory and adjudicatory bodies as provided under the Act. The stipulated procedure under the law is long drawn, irksome and expensive.

It is necessary that the machinery is properly set up and asked to redress consumers’ grievances speedily.