Essay on the Aspects and Objectives of School Management


Aspects of Management:

Management in a school has four aspects:

(1) Management of Material Equipment:


This includes material things i.e., furniture and equipments etc.

(2) Management of School Plant:

This includes school building, laboratories, and playground etc.

(3) Management of Human Equipment:


This implies mobilized ion of all people who are involved and interested in the educational activities of the school, i.e. pupil and their parents, school staff, experts, board of management etc.

(4) Management of Ideas and Principles:

This means organization of ideas and principles into school system, curriculum, time schedule, norms of achievement, co curricular activities.

School management is the embodiment of a spirit and of an ideal. School management should enable different limbs of the school organism “‘to function harmoniously in happy coordination blending themselves into a composite personality like the different rivulets which join together


Objectives of School Management from the Point of View of Society:

Broadly speaking the school should be managed for the following objectives:

1. Consolidation of the spiritual strength of the society

2. Maintaining the historic continuity of the society


3. Securing the past achievements of the society

4. Guaranteeing the future of the society

Objectives of School Management from the Point of View of the Pupils:

A school should be managed:


(1) To train his faculties.

(2) To widen his outlook.

(3) To cultivate his mind.

(4) To form and strength his character.

(5) To develop and cultivate his asthetic faculty.

(6) To build up his body and given him health and strength.

(7) To teach his duty to himself, the communities the state.

Fundamentally the purpose of school management is to enable the right pupils to receive the right education in the right way at the right time from the right teachers by bringing them together at a cost within the means of the state at a place specifically designed for the purpose of education.

This objective can be achieved only when four categories of relationships within the school community i.e., relations between organizer and teachers, relations between teachers and teachers, relation between pupils and pupils, relations between pupils and teachers are pleasant and constructive, based on mutual goodwill and cooperation.

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