Attached to the Planning Commission is an Organization designated as the Programme Evaluation Organization


Attached Office: Attached to the Planning Commission is an Organization designated as the Programme Evaluation Organization this organization was established in October 1952 under an agreement between Government of India and Ford Foundation however, since the termination of grants from the Ford Foundation in April, 1956, the entire cost of the organization is being borne by the Government of India the Organization is an independent body, working under the general guidance and directions of the Planning Commission.

The main function of the Programme Evaluation Organization is to evaluate Community Development Programme and other intensive area development schemes. Since 1960, the Organization has been undertaking problem-oriented studies of select programmes in the field of rural development. Its functions are:

(i) To study the progress of programme and to-measure its impact on the socio-economic life of the rural people;


(ii) To ascertain the reason for the success or failure in respect of different items of the programme; and

(iii) To indicate the directions in which improvements may be sought.

Results of the evaluation studies conducted by the Programme Evaluation Organization are presented in the form of reports which are considered by the Planning Commission, which, along with its own comments and recommendations, forwards them to the concerned Ministries or State Governments for follow up action.

Apart from the Programme Evaluation Organization, certain Committees and Councils are also working under, or associated with, the Planning Commission. These Committees or Councils are as follows:


(i) National Development Council;

(ii) Committee on Plan Projects;

(iii) Research Programme Committee;

(iv) Technical Advisory Committee on Transport;


(v) Technical Advisory Committee on Irrigation and Power Projects;

(vi) Energy Planning Committee;

(vii) Panels of Scientists and Economists set up by Planning Commission;

(viii) Land Reforms Implementation Committee;


(ix) Committee on National Resources; and

(x) Evaluation Advisory Board

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