Notes on Adolescents and National Population Policy of India (NPP)


Notes on Adolescents and National Population Policy of India (NPP)

Adolescents and NPP :

1. Adolescents are defined as the portion of population lying in the age group of 10 to 19 years.


2. They are also called young adults.

3. Adolescents constitute 20% of the total population of India.

4. One of the challenges of the NPP is to meet the needs of the rapidly growing adolescent or young adult population.

5. Adolescents have been identified as one of the under served population groups.


i. They do not have adequate access to affordable production and health care services.

ii. They have a high calorie intake requirement.

iii. They need food supplements

iv. Counseling


v. There is need for enforcing the child marriage Restraint Act 1976.

a. The NPP recommends implementation of programmes to encourage delayed marriage and increase child bearing age especially in the rural areas.

b. Humans are a nation’s most valuable resource. A healthy well-educated population is the potential power for development in 21st century.

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