15 Short Questions and Answers on Democracy in the Contemporary World


15 Short Questions and Answers on D emocracy in the Contemporary World

1. English word ‘Democracy’ has been derived from which word of which language?

English word ‘Democracy’ has been derived from two Greek words-demos and cratia. Demos mean ‘the people’ and cratia means ‘power’.


2. What do you mean by democracy?

Democracy is a form of government in which the administration of the country is run by the representatives who are elected by the people.

3. Give any two definitions of democracy.

The two definitions of democracy are as under:


(i) In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

(ii) According to Seeley, “Democracy is a government in which everybody has a share.”

4. What are the different types (kinds) of Democracy?

Democracy is of two types: (i) Direct Democracy and (ii) Indirect Democracy.


5. Name any two countries which have indirect democracy.

(i) India, (ii) U.S.A.

6. Name anyone country where direct democracy prevails.



7. Name any two characteristics of Democracy.

(i) Elected representatives:

Administration of the country is run by the representatives who are elected by the people. (ii) Independent judiciary. Independence of judiciary is an essential characteristic of democracy. It means that Judiciary must be free from any control of the legislature or the executive.

8. When was President Allende overthrown in Chile and under whose leadership, the revolt by the army took place?


The revolt by the army took place in Chile on 11 September, 1973, under General Augusto Pinnochet in which President Allende was killed.

9. When did General Augusto Pinnochet’s rule put for Referendum and what was its result?

Referendum regarding General’s rule was held in 1988 and people voted against his rule. As a result, democracy was restored in Chile.

10. Which country in Africa was the first to become independent?

Ghana was the first African country to become independent in 1957.

11. Name any two countries which have one party’s dictatorship.

(i) China (ii) North Korea.

12. What do you understand by Universal Adult Franchise?

Universal Adult Franchise is a system of election in which all the adult citizens, irrespective of the caste, creed, religion or sex etc., have the right to vote. In India, the minimum age for adulthood is 18 years.

13. What is U.N.O. (United Nations Organisation)?

U.N.O. is an international organisation which was established in 1945 (after the end of Second World War) to maintain peace and good friendly relations among the nations of the world and to check the outbreak of war.

14. Name the members of U.N.O. who enjoy veto power?

Five countries who are permanent members of the Security Council of U.N.O. enjoy veto power. They are U.S.A., England, Russia, France and China.

15. A democracy has evolved through long struggle of its own people and another is promoted by some external forces. Based on your understanding of the democracy, which one of the two do you find closer to the idea of democracy? Reason out.

Although certain external forces also played an important role in the spread of democracy in the world, yet it could not have spread if people did not prefer it and started struggles in their countries for its establishment. So we find the first reason closer to the spread of the idea of democracy.

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