Difference between Amphibia and Reptilia are given below:


1. The skin is smooth and rich in glands.

2. It is scaleless.


3. Skull articules with the atlas by two occiptal condyle.

4. Heart is threee chambered with two auricles and one ventricle.

5. Kednye is mesonephric.

6. Ten pairs of cronial nerves are present.


7. Development indirect. Larva is a toddpote which metamorphose is into adult.


1. The skin is dry and glands are absent.

2. Body is convered with bony epidernal scales.


3. Skull with single median occipital condyl.

4. Heart is three chambered in completely divided ventricle is present.

5. Kidney is metanephric.

6. Twelve pairs of cronial nerves present.


7. Development includes the formation of 4 embryonic membrances.