Short Biography of Yuvraj Singh (hockey player)


Yuvraj Singh is a talented and promising hockey player. He has helped India win many matches. He was born on April 22, 1983 at Rayya in Punjab. His sister Rajbeen Kaur Rai is the former Captain of the Indian Hockey team. His brother-in-law is also an Olympian.

Jugraj Singh was trained at Surjeet Hockey Academy, lalandhar. Later he started playing for Punjab Police as a full-back. He has played 29 matches for India.

In 2001, he made his international debut. He participated in the 5- Nation Junior Tournament held in Kuala Lumpur in 2001. In the Junior World Cup in 2001 he scored 7 goals. He scored one goal in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in the same year.


He continued his brilliant performance in the next year. His performance in the World Cup 2002 was remarkable. He scored 3 goals in the tournament. Jugraj Singh is a sub-inspector in Punjab Police. He is expected to continue performing well for India in the years to come.

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