Hargobind Khurana is an Indian scientist residing in America. He was born on the 2nd of January 1922 at Raipur, now in Pakistan. He had his early education in his village. He earned his B.Sc. and M. Sc. Degrees in chemistry from the Punjab University, Lahore in 1945. He got the Ph. D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of Liverpool in Britain. His professor and guide was A. Robertson. Khurana came to India in 1948. He found no suitable hob.

He joined the Cambridge University to do further research. In 1950 he was appointed as Chief of the Organic Chemical Science at the Commonwealth Research Centre, London. He served in that post for nearly seven years.

In 1959 Khurana synthesized a chemical called CONZYMBA, which is essential for certain, functions of the human body. After that Khurana moved to the U.S.A. There he joined the Institute of Enzyme Research at the University of Winconsin. He shifted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970, to serve as Alfred Sloan Professor of Biology and Chemistry. He synthesized a part of the gene of yeast in the laboratory and that got him the Nobel Prize.

He continued his research on ‘gene’ for the synthesis of a complete biological gene cell. He proceeded in his research to decipher the genetic code by recreating synthetically, each of the 64 types of D.N.A. He succeeded in synthesizing the first wholly artificial gene, which is known as ESCHGERICHA CELL. It was a great occasion and the scientist’s world over, applauded Khurana. In this discovery Dr. Khurana was assisted by a team of 24 other scientists. He proved that artificial genes can work like natural genes.


DR. Khurana is continuing his research on gens and its impact on human cells. His studies may reveal the causes for the dreadful disease ‘cancer’. In spite of all his great achievements, Dr. Khurana leads a simple life. Besides the Nobel Prize, he got a number of other awards ‘Dany Heen Maan’ Prizes, Luskar Foundation Award etc. the government of India honoured Hargobind Khurana by awarding him with Padma Bhushan.

Dr. Khuran is still active with his research work. It is hoped that humanity will be benefitted by his discoveries in eradicating dreadful disease like cancer.