Raja Ramona Roy was born in 1772 in Bengal. He was a learned man and a social reformer. He was able to abolish the Sati System in Hinduism by enacting law passed by the government.

Ramona went to England to complain against a number of irregularities, of the British rule in India, and also the injustice done to his countrymen. He was invited by the King of England in his palace. He stayed in England for a long time, working for the welfare of his countrymen.

English language was then internationally recognized as the medium of higher education, especially in science and technology. So he wanted to introduce English education in the Indian educational institutions.

He established English medium schools in India with the help of some of his European friends and also some of the enlightened Indians.


Rammohan believed in One God. He founded Brahma Samar which worshipped only Brahma, said to be the creator of the universe. Rammohan Roy was a philosopher, patriot, educationalist, author and a great social reformer.